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Midwest Vein Care (MVC) is a medical spa located in Chesterfield, Missouri founded in 1996 by Dr. William Goldstein. MVC was created with a mission to provide premier medical spa services to customers without sacrificing care and comfort. To achieve this, they needed a way to show new and current customers that this business isn’t just a doctor's office, it’s a place where customers can go to feel comfortable in their own skin.


We were tasked with helping an already established business gain more market share in the Chesterfield area. With the vein care side of the business thriving, we set our focus to find what set their medical spa apart from other competitors in the surrounding area.

Our primary goal was to attract new customers and convert them into repeat customers. With a lack of a digital presence and no consistency in social media posts, MVC needed us to find a consistent tone and voice for all mediums to attract and educate customers.

Start with a strategy

We completed a detailed digital strategy that outlined specific goals the client wanted to achieve and developed personas to better understand what customer demographics ads and posts would need to be targeted towards.

Transform the brand

We gave the blurry social media icon an update and exported the files in different high-quality formats. On the client's side, we noted different size and file requirements for social media assets, and created a brand guideline booklet for MVC to follow in the future for print and social media.

Give customers consistency

We created a content calendar that gives the client an idea of what post will be showcased on what day while presenting the client insights into specific campaigns that we will be launching for them during that month.

This not only helps us plan out the months in an organized and focused manner for their audience, but it also gives us the chance to make sure the client's brand has cohesiveness across all platforms and post types.

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