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Founded in October of 1998 by David Saunders, The Saunders Company, LLC (TSC) was created to meet paper needs quickly, competitively, and with the best product for each customer application. With over 55 years of combined experience in the paper industry, TSC needed a way for their business to have a more modern feel and leave a lasting positive impression with every customer.


We were tasked with creating a new brand identity that gave a fresh look to an already upstanding business. Main takeaways from our initial meetings were that the brand needed to be simple, easy to recognize for both new and existing customers, and easily scalable on all print and digital platforms.

Their current logo had confusing lines, spacing, and orientation, and as a result, made it difficult for the client to embroider on company apparel and place on invoices. The new logo had to be one shade in color, small enough to fit comfortably on clothing and invoices, and needed to be able to scale correctly in both size and color if they decided to have a presence on social media or other mediums in the future.

Give the logo life

Early on in the creative process, we noted that ideas for their new identity needed to resonate with their customers and stay true to their long history in the paper industry. We decided that making the logo an icon of paper standing vertical with the top left corners moving subtly like a flipbook would be easily recognizable and would leave a lasting impression on their audience, no matter what platform the icon was showcased on.

Pick the right colors

After doing initial testing on colors, we found that the shade of red that they were currently using was a tad too dark. To increase contrast ratios, we gave their hue of red more of a white base.

Create the perfect match

Adding the updated logo to the new color scheme resulted in better user experiences for print and web applications, and was easier for TSC to have embroidered on company apparel. Since the logo was designed with one shade of red, it is easy to modify for different applications, as needed.

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